i really don’t know what i’m supposed to say. i really, strongly believe stuff is important. objects and stuff. life is so emotionally complexed, but we can steer it somewhere positive by just using and owning nice things. doesn’t every design student say that though?


it’s just, don’t you think most things are ugly? don’t you just grimace at and detest almost everything around you because you think it should be different and it isn’t? i think this hands-across-america, sustainability, egalitarian view of design is a bunch of bologna. this greenwashed junk forced down your throat at every turn with a ukulele playing in the background is such an awful veneer for society.


there are some things i like. things i really, really like. and they almost make it all ok. i just want to make things ok. 

also i am writing "jordanoneless" because wix said I have to.

portrait by serenity walker

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