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amazon clean

[weekend photoshop project]

this project was intended to make me more proficient with photoshop. instead of traditional sketching or 3D modeling, photoshop was almost exclusively used to conceptualize, mockup, and iterate. 

amazon clean is a concept to combine multiple amazon technologies to offer a new kind of service. instead of owning home robots, you order them as a service from amazon. they are delivered using amazon key, and are picked up again when they're done.

amazon clean render Copy-1.png
amazon clean delivery.png
Untitled-1 (1).png

- making story -

this short project explored a way to further amazons entry into the home and provide new services that would blend their amazing delivery service and new hardware direction. 


a wedge shape was used to allow the vacuuming robot to get into corners.


amazon had recently introduced a service called amazon key. it allowed customers with a smart lock and cloud cam to have packaged delivered into their home when they are away.


the idea is that instead of a package, a service is delivered in the form of the cleaning robot. the cloud camera helps the robot navigate your home, allowing it to work more efficiently and adapt to new homes.

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