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creative strategies


during a class, we were given 2 hours to create a chess board. to save time, i made a mirrored chess board so only half had to be made. the double sided playing pieces reflect the opposing color, so you can play against yourself.


creative strategies


we were tasked with creating something that represented ourselves. i broke down my life into 4 chapters, and wrote about them. then i read the chapters while recording my voice. the voice data was converted to MIDI data, which then had smart instruments added to this. in this way, an album of music was made build directly from my life experiences. the album cover is a significant photo from each chapter, merged together.

a music sample is available to the left.


creative strategies


using self imposed limitations, i repacked a set of tea lights. i forced myself to use only what I had in my apartment, and to make it look like something else, and for the packaging to be useful.

the flower tea lights come as a bunch of flowers in a vase. they are plucked from their aluminum stems, and placed in a segment of the vase. from a bunch of flowers in a vase, you create an array of tea lights in holders.


rhino / grasshopper / keyshot


facet ring is an algorithmically designed, personalized piece of jewelry. much more affordable than diamonds, it is still able to display brilliant reflections of light and is infused with meaning.

sentimental dates are input to algorithmically shape the faceted surface. in this way, a personal, sentimental picture of light will always be on your ring.


creative strategies



a night off​​


 by removing the knife from the set, the effort is placed on the person preparing the food, and it must be cut and easy to eat before being served. the round tines on the fork means the food must be soft too.

full potential 


the usable end of the cutlery is extended the full length of each piece. although it may not be particularly comfortable to hold, it allows the utensil to live up to its full potential.

pride in your work

usually, cutlery lays submissively next to our plates and bowls. to reflect the important part they play in eating, here they stand next to the dinnerware with pride and confidence. also, the standing end fits comfortably in your palm.

equal opportunity

each piece is made from the same shaped blank, giving them the opportunity to become any utensil they want.

job swap

when we make cutlery, we force them into a shape and decide their future for them. for this set, each shape is forced again to allow the flatware to experience a different life.

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