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greeting mirror

[skills used: carpentry, composite construction, metalwork]

mirrors are inherently confrontational objects. you often catch yourself by surprise, or see a version of you that does not match how you feel. the mirror can be the beginning of a great day, or an unhappy day. greeting mirror is an object that allows you to greet yourself, and gives you the control to see yourself when you’re ready.

greeting mirror 2.163.jpg
mirror detail 1.png

the concept of mirroring is imbued within the details of the object. the wood veneer is sequence matched and mirrored, providing a physical mirroring of the grain that can be touched. the dimensions of the mirror are 72 inches by 27 inches. in this way, the object manifests as the result of mirroring. there are two mirrored hinges, and the finish on the door handle allows it to mirror itself.

mirror detail 2.png

the connection of the mirror to the ground provides a continuity to the experience of greeting yourself. your environment is extended through and beyond the mirror. by this, there is an expression of potential that is within the greeter.

mirror detail 3.png

the raw, unstained oak blends softly into your surroundings. the brushed aluminum hardware sits harmoniously with the natural material. to protect the object, the wood is treated with a hydrophobic nano-coating to repel moisture and dirt.

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