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Hishaku Bottle

[Skills used: Rhino, Blender, Keyshot, 3D animation, Illustration, Foam Modeling]

Hishaku Bottle uses a simple gesture to corrupt the expectation of a bottle, and turns the interaction into one reminiscent of pouring water from a ladle.

In doing so, a private obligation is turned into something ceremonious and performative for your body.

pouring bottle Copy.png


First ideas

The project was to design a body care item for Comme des Garçons. Because of the ever evolving nature of the brand, it was hard to presume what might be appropriate.

hishaku project.009.jpeg

Retail and Customer Analysis

It was necessary to provide a brief analysis of both the retail model and customer base of CDG to overcome external biases that were obstructing the project.

hishaku project.020.jpeg


Rather than traditional market research, quotes by Rei Kawakubo were used to guide decisions during the project. The following in particular:

"COMME des GARÇONS is a gift to oneself, not to appeal or attract the opposite sex.” 

- Rei Kawakubo

Ceremony as a Concept

Your body will always be the most honest expression of yourself, and your skin is the clothing you will always wear. As such, it should be considered as much what you wear over it. The concept became to treat the care of your body as something ceremonious.


Hishaku / Water Ladle

In all kinds of ceremonious applications of water, we see the use of water ladles, called "hishaku". Tea ceremonies, purification at the temple, and so on. In order to serve the concept of ceremony, it was decided to turn the bottle into a hishaku.

hishaku 1.jpg
water ladle hishaku.jpeg
hishaku development.jpg


Foam models were made to ensure a comfortable fit and interaction.

bottle form.jpg


To ensure an honest rendering, the packaging and objects were modeled, as if really cut and folded.



To help the audience understand the object, it was necessary to learn how to simulate liquids and 3D animate the interaction. 

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