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ljudlada speaker

[skills used: laser cutting, iterative model making, basic electronics, die planning]

fw the ljudlada speaker is inspired by the KNAPPA cardboard camera by IKEA. the speaker is constructed from a single piece of laser cut cardboard. as the box is folded, the components are captured inside until it is fully assembled. no hardware is needed to hold the speaker together; only the tabs and tension.


the screws are decorative.

ikea 1.png
ikea 3.png
ikea back fixed.png
ikea 4.png

- making story -

the project required that the speaker enclosure be designed around a disassembled Sony bluetooth speaker.

the concept was to attach the components to a caddy, and insert it into a wooden tube with end caps.

exploded view.png

caddy prototypes were made to figure out button placement and component arrangement. foam board and mdf were used.

the enclosure was lathed from a single, large tree trunk core. it was cut to size, lathed smooth, and bored out.

it took roughly 5 hours to bore through the wood with a customer 4" forstner. in the end, the result was poor and the wood was cracked.

at this point, the decision was made to instead make the entire speaker out of cardboard. the new concept would be that the components would be fixed in place as the cardboard was folded and assembled. an early prototype was hand cut to understand placement.

ultimately it took 23 iterations to configure the final placement of the components and ensure a solid assembly.

IMG_4671 2.JPG
flat pattern.jpg

in the end a total flat pattern was created. it requires not glue or fasteners of any kind to be assembled. 


as the piece is folded, the components become captured inside. once fully assembled, and the battery connected, the speaker is operational. the buttons are located with cutouts on the top that allow for operation.

IMG_4660 2.JPG

the speaker was displayed in two gallery spaces, to highlight the schools sustainability in design efforts.

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