Tenga Maki

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Maki is a thoughtful sexual health object that respects you, the environment and human sexuality. The rubber pads offer a variety of sensations to suit each person, and alight with common self pleasure practices. By using biodegradable lubricated sheets, the toy itself is reusable and environmentally friendly. Also, as a two part toy, there is a freedom to choose the sensations that appeal to you most. For Tenga, there is an opportunity to offer new lubricated sheets at a minimal cost but maximum benefit to their customer.

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Sexual Health

Tenga does a great job of making beautiful, quality sex toys. By locating them in pharmacies across Japan, they give the image of being as much a hygiene item as they are a novelty item.

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A small concern is that out of the available products, many of the original lineup are disposable. For an activity like self pleasure, disposable toys, at a moderate cost, doesn't seem like sustainable practice.



For potential customers, the cost of a toy can be a difficult hurdle to overcome. Although there are more affordable options, the premium toys can be quite expensive.


Maki (coming from the verb "maku," meaning "to roll") intends to be approachable, affordable, enjoyable and recyclable.

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As a 2-part system, there is enough variety to suit different tastes. The elastomer pads provide different textures, and the lubricated sheets provide different sensations.

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Concept Movies

Because the product is simple, a series of concept movies were made, to illustrate the ideas of sheets and wrapping.