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amazon prime real estate

[skills used: vector illustration, keynote animation]

this concept explores how amazon could utilize all of its existing services to offer a total model of living for the future.

prefabricated units are placed into frames. in a rent to own model, people have an opportunity for affordable housing, and something to show for years of renting. pricing is based on the unit payment and location, meaning you can move to lower costs, and continue to pay off the unit.

services such as alexa are integrated into the unit, allowing you to control your home by voice. groceries are delivered by prime air to the roof, and services can be summoned to your door.

the flexible unit and Fram design allows it to be adapted to student housing, office space, or anything the customer desires.

prime real estate provides a foundation for families and individuals to have a secure and comfortable future.

concept with roof landing website.png
prime dimensions website.png
really basic idea.png
tv screen website.png
prime dorm website.png
prime workspace website.png
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