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Sound + Objects

[Skills used: Sound design, acoustic research, sound modeling, 3D modeling, animation]​

When object are designed, the look of a door might drive the material it’s made of. But the sound it makes when it closes rarely dictates the material.

sound + objects explores objects designed acoustically first, and produces a basic guide on the considerations made that determined the form and materials. 

In the end, the objects can look odd, or quite normal, but they show how this method results in a more thoughtful contribution to the soundscape.

Note: this project was interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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“The day will come when man will have to fight noise as inexorably as cholera and the plague” 

- Robert Koch, Nobel Prize winning physician, 1905

Wave Washing Machine

Washing machines were noted amongst all home appliances to be a source of unpleasant sound.  


A machine  could be made wider, with a sloping inside and wave generating paddle. In this way, the sound of the waves crashing on the beach could be imitated.

washing machine open.png

Low Frequency Noise Effects

Numerous studies including ones from the German state environmental agency have concluded that low frequency noise exposure contributes to stress, agitation, hypertension, cognitive impairment, and poor cardiovascular health.

Pink Waves


Pink noise, where power decreases as frequency increases, is one of the most common biological signals. Occurring in your heartbeat for example, and ocean waves crashng. Research shows it has a positive effect on mental wellbeing.

Wave Washing


The natural motion of waves serves to agitate clothing, similar to a motorized spin, to help release dirt and clean the fabrics.

washing machine guidance .jpg

Tuned Flatware

The sound of cutlery and dinnerware is ranked as one of the highest triggers for people with misophonia.


Using the principles of singing bowls, computational acoustic design, and materials, the ambience of a restaurant can be controlled.

cutlery close.png

Fork Screech Analysis

Fork shape and tines play a significant role in the tones produced, with straighter, thicker tines being less chaotic.  


Glass interaction makes the worst sound, and stoneware generates the largest energy vibration.

Computational Sound Design


Research from MIT and Harvard, along with the work of Yamaha researcher Kazuhiko Yamamoto, have developed models for computing acoustics of objects based on their shape.

Acoustic Resonance


Using the same principles of acoustic resonance used in violin design, the tube air pressure and be calculated to produce richer tones.

cutlery guidance .jpg

Relaxing Microwave

As a necessity of their function, microwaves are loud at almost every part of their use. The loud ping of the door opening, the food clinking on the rotating plate, the door slamming closed, the beeping panel, and the whirring fan.  


By addressing each source of noise, we can find a more pleasant replacement. 


Asymmetrical Fans

Asymmetrical, non uniform fan blades are able to reduce noise when in motion. We find these in products like Apple Macs, and Muji low noise fans. 

Choke Joint and Loud Latch


Microwaves need to seal properly to prevent microwaves escaping. Previously relaying on a gasket, microwaves now use a choke joint. but this is couple with a cheap, loud latch to seal. 

De-beep Your Microwave


Piezoelectric buzzers are cheap and easy to produce, and as such our microwaves have become inundated with unpleasant beeping sounds.


There are countless guides on how to “de-beep” your microwave.

microwave guidance.jpg



sound + objects was likely prompted by my own intolerance of noise in the world. While taking a sound design class, I became obsessed with the concept of the soundscape, and our contribution to it as designers. The book "The Tuning of The World" by Murray Schafer offered the ideas about the acoustic ecology of our world.


“The collection of biological, geophysical and anthropogenic sounds that emanate from a landscape and which vary over space and time reflecting important ecosystem processes and human activities. 

- Murray Schafer, composer and teacher concerned with “acoustic ecology,” 1977

Anthropophonic Soundscape

It seems that our contribution to the greater soundscape is responsible for a myriad of issues. Anxiety, stress, poor cardiovascular health, and environmental damage can all be attributed to the anthropophonic segment.

sound + objects jordan guerrero april 20

Redesign with acoustics in mind

I decided to redesign objects from an acoustics first lens, to demonstrate how the world might look different. This initially yielded many concepts.

sound + objects jordan guerrero april 20

Materials testing

Once the concepts were decided, I tested materials and analyzed their acoustic properties to prove my ideas could work. 

sound + objects jordan guerrero april 20
sound + objects jordan guerrero april 20

Acoustic Object Design

With my research findings as a guide, I set about designing the objects to illustrate each concept. 

sound + objects jordan guerrero april 20

Animated Vignettes

A series of animated vignettes were created to illustrate each concept visually and audibly, using the sound design recordings from my research.



Unfortunately this project was interrupted by the pandemic, which resulted in a lack of access to materials and collaborative efforts to break down. As such, this project mostly exists as a proof of concept.

sound + objects jordan guerrero april 20
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