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[series of vr experiments in unreal]

this is a collection of vr narrative experiments exploring the disconnect between the physical world and virtual world.

feet controller experiment

as opposed to the usual connection to the hands, the controllers were attached to the feet. while exploring this new method of interaction, we also wanted to see how size affected your actions towards NPCs

giant and village experiment

the NPCs were skinned to see if that further impacted the users actions towards them. also, destructible homes were added. ultimately, the joy of smashing things was overwhelming when given so much size and power.

purple rain experiment

working towards the final project, we experimented with different extensions to the virtual avatar to impact the world in a larger way. ultimately, solid but invisible geometry proved to be unsuccessful.

interactive grass experiment

tutorials were used to code and set up interactive grass. this was then applied to various terrains and objects, with different properties, to gauge how the user might interact when only seeing the effects of their actions.

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